Kundali Bhagya: Shrishthi Taunts Sherlin About Her Pregnancy

MUMBAI: The scene started with, Shrishty abstains from finding Sherlyn, which makes Sherlyn insult her. Srishti says she was not maintaining a strategic distance from Sherlyn, however abstains from catching her child with the huge box in her grasp.

Srishti says that the substantial box would hit Sherlyn's stomach and influence the infant. She includes t says at long last Sherlyn's infant knock is seen. She says the day Sherlyn has the child, everybody will realize that Preeta was correct. Prithvi chooses to call Preeta and keep an eye on her.

Nonetheless, Janki answers the call saying Preeta is occupied and requests that he call the following day. Prithvi gets insulted and chooses to visit Preeta right away. Karan discloses to Preeta he is more centered around completing his Mehndi Ceremony than prosecuting Preeta. Preeta chances upon Rishabh at the corridor. He expresses gratitude toward her for giving them the lobby so effectively.

Preeta understands that Karan has misled Rishabh. She obliges Karan's untruth and says she is glad to support them. Rishabh inquires as to whether she sent the lawful notification to Karan however Preeta says she doesn't think about it. Mahira enters the wedding corridor and Karan chooses to call Preeta to greet Mahira.

Kritika catches Sherlyn reviling the Arora's for not disregarding her. Kritika and Sammy both feel Sherlyn is an awful effect on Mahira as well. Preeta does the aarti yet then goes into another room and cries. Karan goes into the space to discover what Preeta's genuine response is and discovers her crying. Will Preeta wind up conceding her sentiments to Preeta?

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