Apart from cold, cough fever, these are new symptoms of the corona, click to know immediately.

The havoc of the coronavirus is appearing all over the world and the fear of its increasing cases is being seen in everyone. Doctors are busy finding any medicine for it but so far no success has been achieved.

However, to avoid this infection, people are being told about many preventive measures and its symptoms are also being given. Its most important symptom is cold and cold.

Fever, sore throat, dry cough, muscle ache and shortness of breath are its symptoms, but now many new symptoms related to corona have emerged.

According to experts in Germany, people who are infected with corona have a poor ability to smell and taste. These symptoms appeared in 66% of people. Apart from this, diarrhea is also one of its symptoms which is seen in 30 percent of the patients.

The number of people infected with a corona in India is increasing day by day. So far, there have been 250 cases related to this. So far 5 people have died from Corona.

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